A self-loading clean point is a container in which non-bulky waste can be deposited, for which no other separate collection containers are provided. The container is then transported by truck to an eco-park for later recycling.






The functional elements of the container are the following:

  • Total container length 3.7 m.
  • Overall width of the gear position 2.3 m.
  • Internal width 2.22 m.
  • Total / useful height in driving position 1.72 / 1.52 m.
  • Useful volume 12 m3.
  • Weight 825 kg.

The clean point can be transported by truck equipped with hook-lift containers. The maximum length of the equipment - from hook to rollers - is 3800 mm. The width of the beams is universal, 1065 mm. The hitch height to the ground will be determined prior to manufacture.

Optionally, a hitch can also be installed on the rear, to be able to select the side on which the accesses will be. This option is not included in this offer.




Ground: The structure is covered by its upper part, acting as a floor. At the bottom, two rollers are mounted for support on the ground that allow the loading maneuver without damaging the pavement. With the double hitch option, four rollers are mounted.

Front, sides and rear: Closed with sheet steel sheets. Smooth exterior finish improving the exterior appearance and favoring the visibility of the signs. Air vents are mounted on the front and rear.

The ceiling: Closed with a foil. All the structural elements are below, the exterior aspect of the roof being completely smooth. The tightness is ensured.


The interior of the clean point is a single cabin, without separations. Containers are attached to the inside of the sides, on each side. There is a central aisle with enough width to allow the operator to pass.

  • Right side: It has eight windows for mailbox-type users and an operator access at the rear end.
  • Left side: It has seven windows for mailbox-type users and an operator access at the rear end.
  • Containers: The opening mechanism of the mailboxes and the separation between them allows the size and arrangement of the containers to be flexible. It can be configured with different combinations of 240L containers and boxes.