Your demands are our challenge

Any industrial waste recycling requirement is for ISVE the occasion to measure its own technical capacity, which from 1977 to today has made available the widest range of crushers, grinders and granulating mills on the market. For each specific customer requirement, ISVE makes its own technical team and its special metalwork unit available: it designs and manufactures custom hoppers, design bases and solutions to make the machines on your production and recycling lines operational. ISVE demonstrates its reliability with its own after-sales service with computerized management of spare parts, detailed estimates available to the customer within 24 hours and a workshop dedicated to assistance and repairs.


2 Shaft Isve Shredders

2-shaft heavy shredders with hopper loading equipped with high cutting capacity with low rotation speed for less energy absorption and greater silence. Crushing group designed for maximum productivity and regular operation, with high-thickness, anti-wear, high-alloy steel tools. If subjected to excessive loads, the machine automatically makes the temporary inversion of the movement of the blades to prevent overloading. Electronic control by PLC. Wide range of accessories to facilitate loading and unloading operations.

4 Shaft Isve Shredders

4-shaft shredders for bulky waste. Suitable for small and medium-sized companies, they allow reducing the volumes of processing waste for reuse or disposal, with minimal power absorption, low noise and high reliability. Equipped with PLC control to regulate their operation, they can be fitted with an interchangeable grid to determine the final size of the ground material. They can work with plastic materials, cardboard, wood, packaging, leather and leather trimmings, barks, cans, cuttings and others. Maintenance can be carried out directly by the user with the provision of specific keys and technical manual.

Isve Combi crusher granulators

Machines for the reuse of production waste that combine a 4-shaft shredder with a granulator mill to directly obtain 4-10 mm pieces. Large volume body crushing with remarkable shear resistance with investment and operating cost convenience. Materials treated: barrels, drums, plastic jugs, car bumpers, risers, rubber, paper, cardboard, polyethylene tapes, PET bottles. A control PLC regulates the operation of the installation, constantly making the crusher and the granulator talk to each other. Sequential start-up and shutdown system to facilitate cleaning during material changes. The Combi series can be equipped with loading belts, metal detectors, dust removal systems for ground material and big-bag packaging.