BACKHUS A 75 Turner

BACKHUS A 75 Turner

The most powerful mass-produced turner in the world – Made in Germany

As the operator of a large plant for the treatment or composting of organic waste, you will depend on a daily basis that the machines that are working with the turning technique meet the highest demands.


Power, reliability and ergonomics are just a few of the demands they have to meet. Even if you are still in the planning phase of a composting plant with a high amount of material input, you will always be faced with the same starting point. will be looking for a self-propelled turner that offers a high turning capacity, but that is also easy and practical in handling. You do not need to look any further, the BACKHUS A 75 is the one for you.

Decide on effective composting of biological waste, green waste, sewage sludge, organic waste from the production of palm oil or sugar cane. Even in the soil sanitation sector, self-propelled turners of stacks are machines also versed in the industrial sector of mixing different substrates. The turning capacities achieved, up to 7,000 m³ per hour, will surprise you.

BACKHUS Management System

Does a high-performance machine imply a high fuel consumption? Well, in the case of the BACKHUS A 75, this is not the case. This battery powered self-propelled turner performs a hard and reliable job, thanks to the integrated management system, BACKHUS BMS (BACKHUS-Management-System) guarantees an optimization of performance. This achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15%. Not bad at all, considering that the motor has a power of 450 kW.